Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shell Buckling

This is from my first project at TBE/NASA. I used some of my real-time modeling skills to make the CAD models look more realistic. The test article, lit so brightly that it looks like a warp engine, was a scale version of a rocket skin, and built with greatest care. Then, we squeezed it until it buckled with a wonderful boom, all in the name of science. They got some very good data from it. Here's an article about it. I call it the "Can Crusher".

They have buckled a second and third article, with plans to do more. We may also build another one of these, twice the size, without the brown towers.

My poster, rendered from my Pro/E model.

The actual article, built from my prints, all ready for the first test.
From Swamp Castle

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  1. They were so pleased with this "small" version that they went on to make a full-scale crusher! It just got written up in Popular Science:

    I was initially assigned to this project also, but got shifted off to other things. However, I was the first to call it a "can crusher" lol.