Friday, November 21, 2008

Cool shot of an engine test

They tested the launch abort motor in Utah. I like the four distinct plumes. Here's the article, with some videos too.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shell Buckling

This is from my first project at TBE/NASA. I used some of my real-time modeling skills to make the CAD models look more realistic. The test article, lit so brightly that it looks like a warp engine, was a scale version of a rocket skin, and built with greatest care. Then, we squeezed it until it buckled with a wonderful boom, all in the name of science. They got some very good data from it. Here's an article about it. I call it the "Can Crusher".

They have buckled a second and third article, with plans to do more. We may also build another one of these, twice the size, without the brown towers.

My poster, rendered from my Pro/E model.

The actual article, built from my prints, all ready for the first test.
From Swamp Castle

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Focus on Marshall video

Cool! My test is in Focus on Marshall, episode 31, November 2008! Mine is the shell buckling, which they talk about in the video, after the ullage motor bit. I guess I didn't rate for the interview, but whatever. Fist test may be tomorrow!