Thursday, September 25, 2008

MSFC Dynamic Test Stand Photos

Here are some photos Bryan took the day we went up on the dynamic test stand, and then spliced together later. In these photos, the floor is still configured for shaking the shuttle "Enterprise". You can see roughly shuttle-shaped holes in the floor, where it was suspended.

They are currently removing the shuttle floors, and will be reconfiguring to hold ARES I. This tower is one of a pair that make a familiar part of the Huntsville skyline. Until recent years, it was the tallest structure in Alabama. The view from the top is awe inspiring.

The crane on top, as seen from the roof:

Looking down from the roof, through the open door.

At the level of the door threshold, looking up at the roof crane.

Looking across the door opening. Looks like the door is 7 floors tall. Here you can see that the bottom of the doorway is still pretty high above the ground.

Looking up, you see the side of the test stand, then the door slid down, then the door opening, and the cranes on top.

A shot from the inside, looking at the layers of walkways.

Looking down through a shuttle-shaped hole.

Imagine slipping a shuttle, nose first, down through this hole.

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